I'm Amirmohammad Fallah. I live in Melbourne.

Started my journey with 6 years of loving work in Robotics as a team player which resulted in many awards, certifications and experiences in domestic and international exhibitions and competitions. My passion became programing throughout these years and owing to my limitless curosity and urge to learn, I gained new skills which directed me in numerous areas such as Web development, AI and blockchain.

During my senior year of high school, I realized the importance of Artificial Intelligence and its various applications in many aspects of our daily lives. Hence, I began to learn and use it. Therefore, while maintaining my academic grades in my diploma major as a top student, I became more serious about pursuing Computer Engineering as my undergraduate major.

For me, undergraduate studies were a stage in which I could explore several possibilities to build up a higher self-consciousness for a successful graduate period. Due to this, all my research experiences have been at the interface of Computer Science (AI in particular) and different areas of Software Engineering, the Internet of Things, Deep Learning in Medical Imaging and Medical Services, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Today, After several attemps, I'm building my first SaaS startup in public to follow my passion of becoming a entrepreneur. I'm planning to expand my knowledge and experience by pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science.